Bob Arkow

Private Citizen President Bob Bulmash calls Arkow his "California Monster". And Arkow is a telemarketer's worst nightmare. In 1995 he took Dateline NBC undercover into a telemarketer's convention, where one predictive dialer salesman was proud to exclaim "We interrupt a quarter of a million dinners a night".

Arkow took Bank of America to court and won $1,000.00 for one phone call. And believe it or not, the bank had the nerve to call again!

Bob Arkow in action.We were lucky to get a picture of Arkow in action talking to a telemarketer. As you can see, Arkow does not hang up. Instead he demands a copy of the telemarketer's "Do Not Call Policy". (By the way, this picture was taken when he was in a good mood!)

Arkow has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and continues to hold the telemarketers at bay. He is the founder of C.A.T.S., the organization to this day, he still runs.

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